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Different Data, New Challenges

There are three different categories that can be used to categorize data: Structured Data is normally organized into rows and columns. The most popular [...]

A Data Scientist’s must be business focused

Some people believe that a Data Scientist is just there to crunch as much data as he can to harvest new information from old data. While this is partly true, [...]

SimpliVity vs VxRail

With the new Launch of VxRail there has been a lot of talk about how it compares to some of the other Hyper-Converged players in the market. Since I have some [...]

VxRail Licensing Explained

VCE had their big launch of VxRail last month. This is their first real step into the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure market (Just like EMC, I am pretending [...]

Business Analytics is a Big Deal, just ask Netflix

I would say that the importance of Business Analytics is partly due to the time in which we live in. Data is everywhere and there is constantly more being [...]

What is “Data Science”?

My original understanding of what data science was “the study and manipulation of data.” I never really took into account the purpose of the study. I also [...]