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How to get performance data from a First Generation VNXe

How to get performance data from a First Generation VNXe (VNXe3100, VNXe 3150, or VNXe3300) You will need the SPCollects from the VNXe (Instructions here). [...]

How to: Deploy OpenStack at home using DevStack

DevStack is an easy to deploy test platform for people who want to start playing with OpenStack but are not ready to do a full deployment. Over the years it [...]

Will VMware survive a post-virtualization world?

I read an article today asking, "Will VMware survive a post-virtualization world"? This is a very interesting question since the industry is an an [...]

ScaleIO Bandwidth Calculation

I was watching some training videos on EMC's new ScaleIO and at one point they briefly talked about calculating Bandwidth for a ScaleIO cluster. The math seems [...]

EMC Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on vSphere

I was looking into EMC's new Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution (EHC). This new solution takes advantage of powerful integration points that have [...]

VNX OE for Block (Salmon River)

VNX OE for Block (Salmon River) was just released with some major improvements to the VNX2. I have laid out some notes from the announcement [...]