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StackEngine: The vCenter of Docker

For the past year, Docker and this idea of "containers" has taken off like wild fire. For those of you who are unaware, Docker is a tool that can package an [...]

SAN Replication: Bandwidth Math

A common question I get a lot is, "how much bandwidth will I need to replicate X amount of data". The answer is simple, it depends. It depends on your change [...]

The Bytes and Bits of Storage Capacity

Simple question, how many bytes are in a GB? Any storage professional would say 1,073,741,824 bytes using the 1024 increment scale. It is important to realize [...]

Skyera: 136TB of SSD in 1U for under $3/GB native

Skyera: 136TB of SSD in 1U for under $3/GB native On October 29, 2014 Skyera Inc. introduced its second-generation solid-state array, the Skyera skyHawk [...]

VMwares EVO:RAIL Race Update

I outlined some updates on where all VMware’s EVO:Rail Partners are currently in the Hyper Converged Infrastructure race. EVO:RAIL NEW Announcements: EMC [...]

Ubuntu meets Docker

Ubuntu has jumped on the Docker bandwagon with it's latest OS release called "Snappy Ubuntu Core". Snappy Ubuntu Core is a new rendition of Ubuntu with a mini [...]