StackEngine: The vCenter of Docker

For the past year, Docker and this idea of “containers” has taken off like wild fire. For those of you who are unaware, Docker is a tool that can package an application in a virtual container that makes the application flexible and portable. This way applications can run in any Linux machine locally or in the cloud. The biggest problem for guys like me is Docker is all command line and can  get a bit complicated if you aren’t a Linux wizard. This is where StackEngine comes in.

StackEngine gives users an intuitive GUI to manage and automate Docker processes. Think of it almost like the vCenter equivalent for Docker. StackEngine can find everything in your current app environment and enable you to have full control to pull, deploy, and run images. You can also see performance and capacity metrics on the hosts in real time. StackEngine is pretty much able to map out your whole Docker environment in one easy to manage GUI. It is actually some pretty cool stuff. I would recommend checking out StackEngine if you are starting to play with containers so see the potential iy can bring your DevOps teams.

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