What I know about VMware vSphere 6

Though VMware did not formally announce vSphere 6 they did announce the beta release. Here are some of the features teased in this upcoming release.

  • Fault Tolerance in vSphere 6 will support 4 vCPUs;
  • vMotion over 100ms round trips, which means vMotion over long distances.
  • Using VMware NSX, network properties will now be vMotioned as well when using long distance vMotion.
  • vSAN 2.0
  • Virtual Volumes (vVols)

The Reg also mentions the following new inclusions in the release candidate:

  • Support for Free BSD 10.0 and Asianux 4SP3 as guests;
  • VMs will scale to 128 vCPUs and 4TB vRAM;
  • Support for hosts running 480 physical CPUs, 12TB RAM and 64TB of storage;
  • Service level management for storage I/O, with controls for each VM, and the same for Network I/O thanks to distributed vSwitch bandwidth reservations;

There are more details in the upcoming release here. I cannot wait to see what really comes out when VMware finally puts out the latest greatest version of their flagship software.

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