My Top 10 Takeaways from VMworld 2018

There were a lot of updates from VMworld this year. I tried to cut through some of the noise and give you some of the top updates that I think are the most relevant to us at Dell EMC. Here are the top 10 things from VMworld that is relevant (in no particular order):

  1. DataFrameworks acquisition
    1. DataFrameworks ClarityNow! product integrates with Isilon and ECS to provide a unified file system view across primary and archive storage. This lets end users find, use and organize files on-prem and in the cloud.
  2. VxRail finally has a G series node built on Dell C-series servers
    1. The 2U/4N VxRail G560 aligns the full VxRail family with the latest generation PowerEdge portfolio. The G560 delivers greater density and outperforms the previous VxRail G Series with: 1.75x more and faster cores, 100% increase in processing power; 4x more memory, and 3x capacity increase improvement in the boot device.
  3. VMware Cloud Assembly
    1. Cloud Assembly is a multi-cloud provisioning service. Cloud Assembly provides an abstraction layer across multiple clouds. This abstraction normalizes infrastructure constructs without sacrificing the richness from each of the clouds.
  4. VMware vRealize Code Stream
    1. Code Stream is primarily a continuous delivery service for DevOps and developers. It includes many pre-built continuous integration plug-ins for development tools (e.g. Git, Jenkins) and orchestration systems (e.g. Kubernetes). Whereas Cloud Assembly automates infrastructure or application deployments, Code Stream improves productivity by automating the deployments though various stages leading unto production.
  5. Unity VSA – Cloud Edition
    1. The Unity VSA can now be deployed with VMware Cloud on AWS and have up to 256TB filesystems. Note that we (Dell EMC) only suggest using it for test and development or for disaster recovery in the cloud.
  6. VMware Cloud on AWS
    1. VMware Cloud on AWS received a big shot in the arm at VMworld 2018 with a 50 percent price cut that partners say will dramatically accelerate adoption of the cloud service.
  7. VxRail Stretch Clusters to the Cloud
    1. If this isn’t cool, I don’t know what is. VxRail VVD (VMware Validated Design) will soon support distributed multi-availability zones architecture and multi-site deployments with disaster recovery. More details to come.
  8. VxRail is now part of the Dell EMC’s Future-Proof Loyalty Program
  9. VMware Cloud Foundation
    1. VMware Cloud Foundation makes it easy to deploy and run a hybrid cloud. VMware Cloud Foundation provides integrated cloud infrastructure (compute, storage, networking, and security) and cloud management services to run enterprise applications in both private and public environments
  10. Pat Gelsinger’s badass tattoo
    1. Say what you will about it but that man has some serious commitment to the future of VMware. I guess it is safe to say they wont be changing the logo any time soon (and yes, its real).


Now I know there were a lot of other great updates and announcements but these were some that stuck out to me the most. I am sure this list could easily make it to 20+ updates but I wanted to keep it manageable. Let me know if there was anything specific you think I missed or if there was something from VMworld 2018 that stuck out to you.

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