Unisphere Central for the VNX Family

EMC’s Unisphere Central is a free virtual appliance that enables you to remotely monitor the status, activity, and resources of most EMC storage systems available on your network. The Unisphere Central server runs within a VMware virtual environment that includes at least one ESX or ESXi server. The Unisphere Central server obtains aggregated status, alert, capacity, and performance information from all the systems Unisphere Central is monitoring. This software is actually pretty sweet. it is not very often you get free software especially free enterprise software.

Unisphere Central enables you to:

  • Monitor up to 1000 VNX, VNXe, and CX4 systems for basic alerts and status information from a single interface.
  • View aggregated alerts, system state, metrics storage, disk capacity, storage usage, and performance data for managed systems.
  • Control access to the monitoring interface by setting up local Unisphere Central users or integrating existing LDAP enabled users and groups.
  • Organize logical views of the VNX, VNXe, and CX4 systems based on user-defined tags; for example, by location, type, or department.
  • Launch Unisphere for individual systems.
  • Identify and display the hosts connected to systems.
  • Identify and display the storage resources used by hosts.
  • Analyze storage capacity and performance metrics of monitored storage systems.
  • Use Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality with VNXe3200 systems running code 3.1.1 or later (KittyHawk+).
  • Initiate profile-based system configurations for VNXe3000 series systems running code 2.4 or later and for VNXe3200 systems.
  • View predictive capacity reports for storage pools.

If you have a fairly large VNX/VNXe environment and want to make management a little easier I would definitely recommend checking this out. It will be a huge help in centralizing all of your management into one pane of glass. See bellow for a quick 1 minute demo of the interface:

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