VNXe 3.1.1 software update: KittyHawk+

The VNXe3200 is finally getting some much needed enhancements. On January 27th, EMC will put out the latest 3.1.1 code update for the VNXe. Here are some of the new capabilities coming to the VNXe in this code update:

  • Native “on-array” Asynchronous block replication to/from VNXe3200
    • Connectivity options (on-board 10GbE, new 1GbE FlexIO Module, new 10 GbE optical Module)
    • Local/Remote (From SP-to-SP)
    • Uni-Directional / Bi-Directional / One-to-Many / Many-to-One    (*one replication session per LUN)
  • RecoverPoint 4.1SP1 for asynch/synch block replication to/from VNXe3200/VNX2
  • Replication outside the VNX family is supported via RP/EX licensing
  • Multi-protocol NAS Servers (UNIX and Windows mixed environments)
  • 64TB File System for VMware VMDKs (supports VAAI VMDK snaps/fast clones for VDI
  • Unisphere Central/LDAP integration ability
  • Max FAST Cache 400GB
  • 800GB SSD option
  • 10GbE I/O module (4 ports) – Optical
  • 10GbE I/O module (4 ports) – Twinax
  • 1GbE I/O Module (4 ports) – 10/100/1000 copper

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