VMworld 2014 Update (8/25/14)

Here is brief list of the major announcements at VMWorld 2014 today. You can read a lot more about these updates on Chad’s blog or VMware’s website.

  1. VMware EVO, a solution to deliver SDDC at cloud scale.
  2. Announcement of EVO:RAIL. An appliance installed with software based on vSphere, VSAN with a nice HTML5 interface. Initially 6 server hardware vendors will sell and support. Video showing look and feel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l37dokaZ7zY
  3. Announcement of a technical preview of EVO:RACK. The big brother of EVO:RAIL.
  4. vSphere 6.0 Beta
  5. Virtual Volumes and VSAN 2.0 Beta
  6. Introduction of vRealize Suite, a cloud management platform
  7. Announcement of Site Recovery Manager 5.8and vSphere Data Protection 5.8
  8. vCloud Suite 5.8 
  9. vRealize Cloud Management Platform
  10. vCloud Air On Demand GA 2015. Beta program starts August 25! Join the beta hereTrue Pay-as-you-go model with minute by minute billing.
  11. vCloud Air for Government  Services (FEDRAMP certified) will roll out in US in September
  12. Tech Preview: vCloud Air Object Storagebased on EMC ViPR technology.
  13. vCloud Air Database as a Service
  14. AirWatch mobile management services available on vCloud Air
  15. Introduction of vRealize Operations Insight(“vROI”)
  16. VMware NSX for vSphere 6.1. Info hereas well. Over 150 NSX customers and 40+ partners. Gartner lists NSX on the networking MQ. SDDC & NSX are enabling a breakthrough in IT security.
  17. VMware is now an Open Compute Project Gold Level Member
  18. VMware Partners With Docker, Pivotal And Google To Bring Container Support To Its Platform. See also this Docker blog.
  19. Project Fargo, for faster, more compliant, lighter-weight containers on VMware’s SDDC platform
  20. Announcement of private beta of VMware integrated OpenStack(VIO)

A few days before VMworld started the following listed below was announced.

  1. The rebranding of vCloud Hybrid Services to vCloud Air 
  2. The acquisition of CloudVolumesby VMware
  3. Ubuntu available on vCloud Air

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